"Alright With Me" Single

by Accents

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This 'single' contains 2 songs off the upcoming album "Growth and Squalor," and 1 b-side.

1. Alright With Me
2. Divide
3. The Martyr Inside (B-Side Demo)


released November 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Accents Albany, New York

Accents is a 3-piece indie rock band from Albany, NY. The sophomore full-length album, Tall Tales, is out now on Deep Elm Records.

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Track Name: Alright With Me
There's a light on from underneath our doorway
Like the light that still flickers in your head
I won't blame you for trying to find darkness
That's alright with me

If you climb down from where your heart escaped you
We could travel the world in second-hand
I'll try keeping the devil in the rearview
If that's alright with you

We'll fade into it, put our faith into it
I've got this company that pulls me from my seat
If I'm alright for you, I'm alright for me, I'm alright

I've been wandering for years among the statues
Of beings with much more sense than I
But time isn't endless and it could leave us soon
If you're alright with me, I'm alright with me
Track Name: Divide
The shelter I have is not enough for where we are
And the moon hides its face every night, afraid to die
The calendar tells us to wait inside our cage
I'll laugh as they send me to hell for what I've done

The frames on the walls, they come right down
And the light seeping through warms the ground

We carried ourselves to the rooms we were born in
The doctors had nothing to say on a planned escape
I followed a hole in the earth to wait it out
The flames came to eat us alive and here we are

The frames on the walls, they come right down
And the light seeping through warms the ground
The lines in the sand are all that's left
Of our divided land, so now we rest
Track Name: The Martyr Inside (Demo)
We all shared what we could of ourselves
The morning light faded like a dolphin's cry
Baby girls wept a tear for their homes
The storm's outside but we won't let them know

We all spent what we could of ourselves
The garden had wilted and that's when the showers came
Baby boys are colored redder than sin
The storm's outside but we won't let it in

We all shed what was left of ourselves
The martyr inside, he never lets things go
The older dogs got a fight in them still
There's a storm in mind but I seek cheaper thrills

And as the greenery got darker, I never wanted to make it through

That wasn't right, that wasn't me
That was the coldest that I have ever been
You filled all my thoughts, you let me back in
You said what you did and now I can be good again
I'll dig out a hole, I'll plant all the seeds
I'll wait for the growth so the kids can see life again
Been sleeping for days, been a slave to my dreams
I'd rather be dead than stuck somewhere in between